Overview Disclosures/Disclaimers

This overview does not constitute an offer to sell you a security, or a solicitation of an offer by you to purchase a security. No offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy may be made prior to the delivery by the project sponsor of definitive documentation relating to a proposed investment (collectively, the “Offering Materials”), including, in most cases, (1) an offering circular or private placement memorandum describing the investment opportunity and the rights, preferences and obligations attached to the security being offered, (2) an operating or similar agreement governing operation of the business entity being formed and defining the rights of equity owners, and (3) a form of subscription agreement governing your formal offer to subscribe for an equity interest in a Mayfield Companies project entity. You are urged to review carefully all offering materials that are provided to you by the project sponsor before making any investment decision. You are also advised to consult with your own tax, legal, financial and other advisers prior to making an investment.

The overview is also summary in nature, and does not purport to be complete.

All offers and sales that are made through the Mayfield Companies portal have not been registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or registered or qualified under applicable state securities laws. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any state regulatory authority has reviewed, approved or disapproved of any offers or sales, the related offering materials, or the terms of any offering, or determined whether the offering materials are truthful or complete. It is illegal for any person to tell you otherwise.

Indications of Interest

No money or binding legal commitment is being requested at this time. Offers and sales will only be made pursuant to the formal Offering Materials to be provided by the project sponsor. Investor commitments to purchase can only be made pursuant to reviewing, signing and submitting a subscription agreement, operating agreement, and private placement memorandum provided by the project sponsor. The project sponsor may accept or reject a prospective investor after review of the signed project documents in its sole and absolute discretion.


The project sponsor is a private company that operates in a highly competitive industry. Accordingly, the project sponsor takes great precautions to protect its proprietary information and confidential documents concerning its business operations, financial information and prospective operations and in this regard maintains an unbending corporate policy to protect its confidential information from being disseminated. Therefore, any and all information provided by the project sponsor is strictly confidential, solely for the purpose of evaluating a potential purchase of units in a specific project and for no other purposes. With the sole exceptions of your officers, directors, financial advisors, accountants or legal counsel as absolutely necessary to evaluate the possible transaction contemplated herein, the confidential information shall not be disclosed to any third party without the project sponsor’s written consent. By accepting receipt of this information, you acknowledge that the information provided to you shall be held in the strictest confidence, shall not be copied or disseminated in any manner except to the individuals mentioned above and shall be only used for the purpose for which it is intended.