The Mayfield Companies
The “Mayfield Companies” collectively consist of Mayfield Investment Company and Orcal Management Inc. along with various investment entities.

Mayfield Investment Company
Mayfield Investment Company serves as the managing partner or managing member in the various Mayfield Investment entities.

Mayfield Management Company
Mayfield Management Company, a subsidiary of Orcal Management, manages all properties that are owned by Mayfield investment entities. The firm administers the day-to-day operations of the properties and provides accounting services in connection with its ownership and operation of the properties. Mayfield Management employs a complete leasing, management and maintenance staff in Oregon, and Washington to ensure high quality services to all properties.

From Inception to Today
Since inception, Mayfield Companies have successfully owned, managed and renovated in excess of 1300 apartments and 370,000 square feet of office space. Multi-family assets in the San Francisco Bay area and office buildings in Portland and Seattle have been disposed of over the past four years as we begin our next round of acquisitions.  Remaining holdings, with locations in Portland, Seattle and Bainbridge Island, currently have an aggregate value of approximately $85 million.

Ownership Legacy
Mayfield’s properties have been owned for periods ranging between 8 months and 35 years. Mr. Klimp is an investor in every investment entity organized by Mayfield Investment Company.

Investment Revenue
The Mayfield Companies have raised approximately $32 million from more than 300 investors. The investments syndicated by Mayfield Investment Company have generated significant distributions as a result of sales, exchanges or cash flow from the properties during the past 45 years and have provided investors with substantial depreciation tax shelter.

Mayfield Investment Company and Orcal Management Company maintain offices in Palo Alto, California, Seattle, Washington and Bainbridge Island, Washington. The Seattle office is the principal place of business.

Investment Entities
Mayfield Companies currently has five investment entities –general and limited partnerships and limited liability companies. Over time there have been more than 70 such entities. Mayfield’s extraordinary attention to detail, hands-on approach and commitment to excellence has positioned it among the most highly regarded in its industry.