Yvonne Rodgers

Director of Operations- Mayfield Companies

Ms. Yvonne Rodgers has worked in various operations management positions, primarily in commercial and multifamily property management, for 23 years. She joined Mayfield Companies in 2001 and has been the Company’s Director of Operations since 2008. She was the architect of the company’s current operations structure and has been primarily responsible for Mayfield’s operations in Seattle and Portland.

In addition to her active involvement in Mayfield’s operations, Ms. Rodgers is an accomplished asset manager and has responsibility for all company staff. She approves and oversees renovation activities, and plays a key role in executing the company’s repositioning strategy at each of the company’s portfolio investments.

Much of her free time is spent with her four grandchildren. Outside of her family commitments, her passions include organic gardening, cooking and travel.

Ms. Rodgers is the key person in Mayfield’s operations.